Monday, October 29, 2012

Grocery Shopping

I hate grocery shopping. I really do. I don't know if it is the fact that I have to drag two busy, energetic boys and stuff them in a cart for 45 mins while I run around the store. Or if it is having to stand in from of the meat aisle trying to decide if the 80% lean ground beef is a better deal than organic 90% lean ground beef that is on sale. Or if it is having to watch my already small grocery budget get quickly spent up on items like toothbrushes, plastic wrap and bread instead of beer, chocolate and organic papaya. Or just how darn right expensive everything seems to be getting now. Whatever the reason, I do know I just don't enjoy it. And to make matters worse, I am no good at planning ahead. Weekly menu planning is a passing and as a foggy day in Casper. One week I nail it. The next week it just does not happen. That is why I am loving bountiful baskets. Some weeks I am indifferent about the items I receive. Others I am absolutely delighted. It forces me to think outside the box. Look up different recipes and cook things I would not typically. It gives us a variety of produce I would not ever think of buying at the store and I always know exactly how much money I spend on produce each week. If you have never tried it. You should.
A photo of the pears I received in my basket this week.

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